Perogies piled on a plate with shallots and sausage.



Hello from Groovy kind of Kitchen. My name is Aly and I am writing this from my parent’s breakfast nook in early May of 2020. I assume you know that much of the world is locked down, quarantined and under strict orders to not leave home without a mask. There are many ways that people are reacting to this situation. Some are working on the next great American novel or perhaps painting their apartment ceilings in a Michelangelo-Sistine-Chapel sort of style, just hoping that it’s either a total masterpiece or easy enough to paint over so that they’ll still get their deposit back when all this is over. I know there are people having trouble getting out of bed and it is more than enough to just get through their daily chores and/or remote work. Others are learning new skills, like playing the guitar, gardening or – dare I say – cooking. Perhaps that is even how you stumbled on this blog.

I guess I should add a bit about me. I am a writer/editor/dance instructor located in the Pacific Northwest. I cook the most for my boyfriend and inadvertently, our pup Hammer. Whenever my sister is around, I do my best to make a vegan option and I’ll be sure to include tips and info on that as well!

Despite the tragedies and trauma surrounding spring 2020, I hope that you are having a relatively safe and positive quarantine, and I’m here to help you find inspiration to cook that thing that seemed too difficult, the dessert that might fall flat, or anything in between. Because if I can do it, you can do it too.

Let’s get grooving!